Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Year - 2017 Edition

Good Morning 2017!

I think of a new year as a point of renewal. No longer for making resolutions, joining gyms, changing my diet, changing the way I think, introducing some new form of discipline, but rather a marker in time that reads "Do Over Starting Line".

How is that different than the typical "New Me" strategy that so many people employ? It is not reinvention. Instead, I get to start out with a fresh me. I get to forgive myself for the things that did not go so well in 2016. There is this fresh, new, pristine year and I get to do better, be better than I was in the last.

I have a lot of goals this year.

Be Kind
Stand Up, Speak Up, Act Up
Practice Creativity
Nurture my marriage

Ah, you say! These are too broad, don't have action plans and aren't measurable! Not so.

I know when I am kind. I know how I feel and how my heart benefits from behaving this way. I know how to be kind. I know this is how I *want* to feel.

I know social injustice when I see it. Looking up and challenging it a duty. Becoming active in my communities is a responsibility. Protecting our vulnerable populations is an obligation I am ready to take on.

Creativity is not just sewing, weaving, writing. It's also the practice of introducing creative thought into problem solving of all kinds. This will be a year where I challenge rules and old thought processes and approach my days with an open mind.

I have been blessed with a partnership that complements us both. This has been such a hard 4 years, as we navigate complex family problems, retirement, illnesses, and commitments that have cut down on our time together. At times I feel us pulling apart under the burden, but every time I feel the cord ready to snap, we pull back to neutral, closer still. Our well being, as a couple, defines much of our personal well being, and effort put into appreciation, intimacy, grace and humor strengthens us in all we do.

***I wrote this in January and never published. I'm going to now. I still feel the same way, and have been moving forward in all these areas. So here goes! Onward through 2017!

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