Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016: Quest for Joy

Retired or not, life is full of obligations. It's important not to let them define your life. There have to be those "other" things that fuel your engine. Otherwise, your life becomes about the duty and the joy gets pushed away from the center.

The biggest obligations in my life are supporting the day to day living requirements of my in-laws, spending time with my elderly uncle (which is actually fun most of the time) and continuing to clean out his storage units (not fun, but OH WELL).

I don't make Resolutions. I find that to be a self defeating term in my realm. I find when I don't have the kinds of goal below in-place and IN ACTION, the obligations overwhelm me and joy takes a back seat. So these are goals, some with plans. (Yeah, a project manager never really retires :)

  • Weaving
    • First up is a class Kelly Marshal and Rep Weaving. This is a new structure for me. There will be a post covering the class and project mid February. 
    • Weave lace samples for Samplers - Due March
    • Weave curtain for main bathroom window - Due June
    • Weave placemats for my daughter and niece - No due date
    • Weave yardage for April class - Due April
    • Develop plan for double weave grant application - Due April
  • Sewing
    • 5 day construction intensive class with Daryl Lancaster in April will kick this off. Since I'm an experienced sewist, I am "petitioning" Daryl to let me skip the standard jacket and move on to fitting existing patterns in my stash. I'll be bringing yardage for a vest.
    • Develop wardrobe plan after Daryl's class
  • Personal Growth
    • Get back into journaling, focusing on creativity, step work and spirituality, and gratitude
    • Support development of "No Matter What" Family Group
    • Plan a trip with the Husband. 
Seems like a small list. Once I hang the whiteboard, this will be what I look at every day. That helps me focus. 

Now I'm off to wind the warp for the Kelly Marshal class. I've been putting it off while I read everything I can get my hands on about Rep Weave. I finally feel like I understand her warping instructions well enough now so no more procrastination!