Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Let the Twisting Commence!

The two rayon boucle scarves are off the loom!

This was a gifted cone of yarn. All I know is that it's a boucle and I'm 99.9% sure that it's 100% rayon. I'd describe the color as desert pastel. I used this for the warp and a celery & a coral rayon embroidery thread for the weft. 

EPI = 24
PPI = Hmmmmm. The boucle is so bumpy and the weft so fine, it sometimes dragged and snagged on the warp. I actually have a few holes created by this in the scarf with the celery weft. Once I realized that, I was very careful to keep this from happening. 

This is right off of the loom, hanging over the curtain rod with what little light that's left today showing through the weaving. I have no idea what it will look like once I've done the wet finishing.

But before I can do THAT, I have to do THIS:

Twisting the fringe. Made so much easier using the twister crafted by my son for my Christmas gift in 2012.

So I am off to finish twisting, wet finish the celery scarf and see what happens!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

In Praise of a Useful Husband Pt. 2

Back in January 2011, I was sang the praises of my Husband's generosity in sharing his woodworking skills with my sewing habit.

He continues to surprise me with tools whenever I mention something I've seen, want, need.

Here is part of my bounty in this past year for my sewing and weaving habits:

Double ended, hand turned exotic wood seam rippers. I love that I can remove the blades and stow in the handle.

This is a combination raddle / supplemental warp support that mounts on the back beam of my Baby Wolf loom.

Installed on the back beam of the loom, you can see the nails used in the raddle. Can you imagine how long that took!? With the board on top of the raddle, I can hang weighted supplementary warps over the top. 
Two beautiful exotic wood boat shuttles. These just fly through the shed!

Needle case for my mending and hemstitching needles.
And of course, what weaver or seamstress can be without beautiful things to write with?

Inlaid, hand turned and so very sweet.

The fact that he does these things without any push from me makes them all the more precious. He if fully invested in these things I do and that is perhaps the best gift he could ever give me.