Monday, September 21, 2015

Whidbey Weavers Guild Challenge - Complete your UFO's

Nancy is a spinner in our guild and is in charge of coming up with a new challenge every year. I've been with the guild, in the most peripheral way, for about 4 years. Now that I'm retired, I plan on being a fixture.

I actually completed the challenge 2 years ago, to weave something using that year's conference colors. But I completed it late so my weaving wasn't included in the display. Last year, I didn't even try. I just stared at the sample given in a white bag that supposed to inspire me but didn't. Fatigue.

This year, Nancy brought in a sweater she started to knit several years ago. Our challenge? Find your UFO's and finish them. Can be sewing, weaving, knitting, spinning... as long as it's fiber related, and it's incomplete, finish it up and share it.

This goes well with the relocation of the sewing room. It was surprising to see that I didn't really have that many unfinished things. Of the few things I found, these are the only things I kept.

  • 2 jackets that don't fit any more just need hems in sleeves and body. I can't bear to toss these as I *might* lose this weight, right?
  • Sarah's Fit for a Princess heirloom doll dress. I finished this up to the point of joining the bodice to skirt and completing the placket. That's an hour's work.
  • The little commemorative quilt block for Sophie. I lost the charm but found it in the move.
  • 2 quilts. WHY? I don't know. But they are boxed up and organized and I might finish them someday. I'd rather keep them and work on them sporadically so I will remember always that I am not a quilter. This might prevent me from replacing all of the quilting books, patterns and supplies that I just got rid of. Preventative UFO's shouldn't count as failures, should they?
  • That AWFUL bishop dress that I smocked for the Seamless Bishop correspondence class. Everything about it is unappealing. The fabric I loved at one time, but once the smocking was applied? UGH. Why have I kept this? Why didn't I throw this one in the burn pile? Why is it in a box labeled "UFO" still, to this day, moved upstairs with my PRECIOUS things? Whatever the reason, I've had this since about 2005 and I am going to finish it and it will still be ugly but it will be complete.
  • The pin loom bear. I need to stuff the head and create the features, then join to the sad little body. I think this is a tosser but need to keep an open mind. It could be a save.
  • Cold finish and hem the pinwheel towels.
Knowing that this is the extent of the backlog, especially exempting the jackets and quilts, makes this feel like a perfectly reasonable task! I've actually completed the block for Sophie in the past couple of days, with the exception of the rod for hanging, so I am 1/5th there!

Here's to closing out unfinished business! We won't talk about the personal list. That's another post on a different blog ;)


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