Thursday, September 10, 2015

This Just Happened!

Well it didn't "just" happen. There was work involved ;) It's so bright! And clean! Look fast and remember this...

I hit the road to Ikea at 8am this morning and by 8pm, it looked like this! About 50% complete. You can't tell, but the room was painted yesterday. I chose a green gray, but the color I actually got was a bit lighter than the color card I took in. Since DH LOVES white paint, I think this was easier for him to handle anyway.

I purchased 2 Borgsjo book cases with doors (these are really cheap, but meet my needs... They were about $40 less than the cheapest alternative, and on closeout, so I grabbed and ran). My serger is in the bottom of one, the coverstitch in the bottom of the other. Lot's of open space down there, but believe me, I have plenty of "crap" to fill it ;). The shelves between the two were already there. The table: I am really proud of this! It's an 1-1/2" thick 74" Saljan countertop ($59) with an Oddvald trestle on the wall side ($15) and a Klimpen table leg ($69) on the other end. For $143, I got a rock solid sewing surface with storage. I can slide my rolling thread storage under the Oddvald so it's close at hand. The intent with the Klimpen was to put my serger and coverstitch there, but wouldn't you know it... I was about 1-1/2" short on height and that's why they ended up behind the doors. But don't worry. I'll have it filled up in NO TIME.

I already had the other pieces of furniture - The white cabinet by the window has all of my stabilizers for embroidery, interfacings, cutting and marking tools and all of my rulers and fitting books. There's also a drop leaf cutting table in the corner of the top picture.

Here's the challenge. I have a lot of things left down in the basement sewing room. My self imposed rule is that if it doesn't fit in this room, I have to let it go. I have a walk in closet with yeah, fabric. It needs to fit in the regular sized sliding door closet in this room. Along with a few other things. The other challenge is the system I have used for books, patterns and magazines. 2 full size Hon filing cabinets. Those are not coming into this room, so I have to sort and only keep what I need. (I am laughing on the outside, terrified on the inside - HA!)

So that's what I am going to be doing for next few days (along with a weaving study group tomorrow and finishing up DD's bridesmaid dress alterations).

I oh so loved that sewing room downstairs back in the day of a full house, but I cold not be productive in there any more. I really wanted to be upstairs, close to the looms and with there only being the 2 of us left here, I hated being so far away from the part of the house we actually live in.

I sent a picture to my son today, wondering how he felt about the transformation of his former room. He approves. He's lined up a couple of hemming jobs for his pals. Kids :)

Then there is the gratitude thing. Good Grief. I feel so lucky. And happy. And relaxed, really, even with the culling in my future. I mean seriously! How can you feel anything other than grateful when your biggest problem is that you have TOO MUCH?

Still having fun with fiber!



SewRuthie said...

Looks really great. I hope mine will be half as good!

Jodi said...

Thanks Ruthie! I've made a lot of progress, not having to go to a job has helped out a LOT! I can't wait to see what you do in yours!