Sunday, September 13, 2015

September "Pimp Your Sewing Room": Weaving Editon

Most of what had to be done in the room with the looms was organization. There were things stowed in there that belonged in the sewing room, as well as surface embellishment paints, dyes, stamps and the likes that were downstairs - and forgotten. So that's all taken care of now!

For reference, this room runs 12ft north to south, 10.5ft east to west. The closet is a standard depth, 2 sliding door type common in 1970's builds.

This is what you see from the doorway, looking to your right (south). That wall will eventually have a line suspended across it with clips to hang bits of inspiration. The loom you see is a Louet Spring. The cabinet belonged to my husband's great Aunt Grace.

This is taken from the SW corner of the room. That loom is the Schacht Baby Wolf.  I'd like to put the warping board on that north wall. The BW is easy to move out of the way so I think this is a better solution that some of DH's ideas.
The sewing machine and cabinet under the window belonged to my husband's grandmother. I keep bobbins, boat shuttles and repair heddles in the drawers. There's a lamp that I use when I need additional task lighting, my warping sticks are in the corner, guarded by the koala. Thank you, Marsu! (Her name is meant to remind that she is NOT a bear...)
The closet is next. This is on  the west wall of the room.

Nothing too earth shattering except there is a LOT of extra room in that closet, don't you think? You can see a really primitive rigid heddle loom hanging out on the top shelf with the inkle loom. The metal rack in the center of the closet has some yarn, books, magazines and instructional a back issue Handwoven magazine DVD's. But you can clearly see I need more yarn, right?

Most of my yarn is stored in this cabinet. Bottom two drawers and hutch are packed. The box on top has some yarns collected for a special project that is alternately mocking me and then waving me back in. I'll have to give up and do it at some point, but I want to make sure I have a really clear plan before I start it.

This is a secretary and folds out into a desk. The top drawer holds all of my office supplies. When I work with my weaving software or watch a DVD, I sit at this desk with my laptop.

So that's it! Sewing room is in order as well, but no pictures till later. I have a bridesmaids dress to alter and I've put it off long enough.

I know I have issues because just looking at that cabinet with the open doors and drawers makes me want to run back there and shut them!

STILL having fun with fiber! Hope you are too!


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