Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I hope to return to some form of regular posting now that I am RETIRED. It was a bumpy road for awhile there, with my mother-in-law being admitted to the hospital the very day after I quit working. The hospitalization resulted in surgery for colon cancer and then a follow-up stay in a rehabilitation facility so she could regain her strength. For about 2 months, almost all of our time was spent attending to this and my father-in-law, who has never in his life EVER lived alone.

I've only FELT retired for the past week or so, now that things are leveling out. That sounds a bit selfish, I know, and I am working on being more accepting and generous with my time.

On the sewing and weaving front, there have been some changes around here. I've moved both looms to a main floor bedroom. It's been a bit tight as I keep moving more and more sewing things upstairs, but I'm managing. I thought it might curb my spending on yarn and fabric. Hasn't been the case entirely, but I am being more targeted and prudent in my purchases.

This is a good thing, I think. When we move to a smaller place, I won't have the luxury of room that I enjoy in this house. My neighbor went through a similar change, moving her living quarters into her remodeled studio. She said it was freeing, and in a way it is as I make bigger piles to donate, recycle and toss.

The Spring had been warped with pinwheel dish towels for months and I finally finished and cut them loose. This will be the 2nd project I've put on her and by the end of the first, I felt like I might be coming to terms with this loom. I've woven this pattern before, with the exact same warp, so it was a good way for me to note the differences and adjustments I have to make between the 2 looms.

I wove 3 different variations, so in addition to the weaving side of things, I got to do 3 different tie-ups. Oy vey. This is a countermarch loom so every shaft has to be tied up to the treadle twice. That's a lot of work! But the shed is so nice, I'm thinking I won't complain too much!

This 2nd warp went on a lot easier. I warped back to front, used lease sticks AND the raddle. What a difference. I also re-read all of the instructions and I am pretty sure that I never locked the breast beam when I put on first warp. This explains all of the tension problems I had with that warp. These towels wove without a hitch, technically. I made a color choice that may be questionable, but we'll see. If they sell, great. If not, I like them enough to use them.

The Baby Wolf is warped with a rayon boucle scarf and I am going to test the weft sometime this week.

And then it will be placemats in 3/2 cotton. I'm not sure yet what pattern, maybe even simple plain weave. I just know it's time to start weaving some things that I can enjoy, and not all for sales and charity auctions.

Sewing is another matter. I really WANT to sew, but I am cramped and cutting has to be done in the living room and cleaned up when I'm done. Because of that, I have cleared out my son's room and will be taking over. I have a portable table set up to do some alterations on my daughter's bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding and once that's done, it's on to paint and some new furniture.

Really excited to be moving forward on this finally!
I am also focusing on GRATITUDE. Why? Because there is no reason NOT to and in addition to enriching my own life, it's contagious. What if we all lived a life of gratitude? What if we found a way forward no matter what came our way? To be happy, joyous and free ~ what would that mean in your life every day? As I attempted to dig an old rotting tree stump out of my yard today, I felt a gratitude like never before, that I had the strength to work the soil, that it was warm and the sun was shining, that I could take a visit with the neighbor, that my delightful husband prepared an awesome dinner...
As I work on change, in our home and in my life, I am grateful. I hope you are, too!
Still having fun with fiber :)

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