Sunday, June 10, 2012

This + that = THIS

In December of last year, I made a scarf for my MIL for Christmas using tencel in deflected double weave using this pattern:Weaving Today - Deflected Doubleweave. I used a soft periwinkle and black. It was lovely and she really liked it. I neglected to take a photo :( HOWEVER: there was a ton of warp left on the beam and DS's GF's birthday was in January, so I decided to make a scarf for her as well. I wanted to do something different with the same warp so started experimenting. I finally settled on a novelty yarn, a variegated pastel rayon with little bits of ribbon twisted into the yarn at regular intervals. She didn't mind waiting and I feel lucky for that!

Here is the result:

Note that the pattern is different on both sides of the scarf. This is a characteristic of the deflected double weave structure. The ribbon in the novelty yarn gives it a slightly chenilled look.


60" long with fringe. The tencel warp does shrink, compressing all of the black and periwinkle for a very nice effect.

Warp is Tencel 8/2 in periwinkle and black from Kansas Yarn Barn. This was incredibly nice to work with.

Weft is a novelty yarn picked up on a close out. I think it's rayon from the burn test but the label in the cone says "stretch nylon", which I know is not right. If you enlarge the top photo, you can see a bit of the yarn draped over the scarf and a bit of it wound on the bobbin. I also have this in a burgundy, pink/blue and green colorway. This is the danger of buying on-line at closeouts... You find something you really like but don't know a thing about it!

Ends and Set: I can't tell you this because I started it in December and my notes are in the wind :) BUT, if you follow the pattern linked above, you can get the same results! I treated the 8/2 like 10/2 and had no problems at all.

Next up are towels in red and green to try out the new loom. Did I not mention that? In the excitement of wedding preparations, I had the chance to pick up a barely used Louet Spring for a more than reasonable price. You can see her in the wedding dress post, sitting on the wool rug just BEGGING to be warped! She is a countermarche loom, different from my Baby Wolf jack and this will be a good project to get familiar with her workings. Once those are done, I plan on figuring out what I want to do in the way of weaving yardage for a vest. She will weave 44" wide, so will produce yardage that is easier to adapt to garment sewing.

I haven't mentioned my new job either! I start as a project manager on July 13. This is a big move and I am really looking forward to the challenge.

So... New SIL, new loom, new job. It just keeps getting better!


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