Sunday, June 10, 2012

And here is the Happy Couple!

I love this picture.  The wedding was held at a City Park facility and right next door is the Arboretum. This is the photo the bridesmaids and DD headed there pre-ceremony for photos. Isn't she adorable? Note her flats... She graduated on 5/6 and wore her red heels that were meant for the wedding. Verdict? They killed her feet and she was going to put comfort over everthing else on this important day. Hence the flat. They were quite adorable, too.

The bridesmaid holding her dress is Molly. Molly was amazing. She did Beth's hair (the blonde) and made all of the bouquets.  Beth is DD's best friend from 2nd grade. She met Molly in college. The ultra-thin brunette is the groom's sister, Alyse. They were all just delightful.

The bridesmaids and the bride...
The groomsmen and the groom (center... the somber one)
And the bridal party. Looks a bit off balance with 3 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, but that's what they wanted. They are an uncoventional group :)

The bridesmaids dresses are from Modcloth. They all loved them and will definately wear them again! I should also mention that all the photographs were done by 2 friends of the bride and groom. They are not proffessionals but they did an awesome job!

The ceremony was performed by a friend. He was absolutely fabulous.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

And thier formal picture.

It was a grand day! I'll share more as she feeds me more pictures.


Gale said...

absolutely lovely. great job

shams said...

Just beautiful! You did a wonderful job. It sounds like you are now recovering from Post Wedding Stress Disorder. ;)

kbenco said...

The photos are lovely. I am in awe of your work on the dress, what a beautiful and special garment.