Sunday, March 11, 2012

Incremental Fitting Phase 1 Complete...

The DD was over for a bit yesterday with the soon to be MIL and SIL. We did a fitting on the dress and I do need to add about 1/4" to each side seam and tweek the bodice lace. But not much. She'll be back tomorrow afternoon for a recheck of the skirt and we'll get the final mods for the bodice done then. Soon to be MIL thought the bodice needed more beading, the rest of the posse agreed so I will have to get on that NOW.
Then my irritation set in... The soon to be MIL, SIL and DD were leaving to go look for a dress for MIL to wear to the bridal shower next Saturday. Um DRESS? Seriously? I own ONE dress friends and that's going to be worn to the wedding.
UGH. I had already planned on bra shopping, which is a depressing event on its own, and decided I'd look for a dress as well. Oy. I can't part with my hard earned cash for a dress I'll wear ONCE. Everything I tried on, with the exception of one dress at Ann Taylor, which came with a matching price tag, screamed "wear me once and toss my aside". And I couldn't squeeze the $70.00 out of my wallet for the AT so it went back on the rack.
I want to fit in. I always have. But my practical nature has a way of blindsiding me whenever I get just.this.close to crossing that line. Boo. I'm trudging through the crowd at the mall and decide to make one last stop. There's an cute short sleeved cardigan. I might like that... And then I remember I actually sort of own *2* dresses! One is in DD's closet, given to her after I wore it to a wedding 2 years ago. I bought it at Costco for $19.99. I could wear it with this cardigan! Which I can wear again to work! $24.99 and I'm out the door a happy woman.
I hope I can find my shoes. I own 1 pair of dress shoes. Classic black pumps with a low heel. I haven't worn them since the Symphony dinner 2 years ago... :-) This, my friends, is why I don't quite fit in. But I am okay with that again with this crisis averted.
Off to stitch, pictures soon I hope!