Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today's Hit List:

Yikes! I am looking out the window and it is SNOWING. It won't stick but it's just annoying to look at. It's almost MARCH, Mother Nature!

I'm not too motivated today for some reason so I figure it's necessary to write up my list of must do's for the day.

  1. Stitch the last of the seams in the satin and press all but the seams that will be adjusted in the final fitting.
  2. Stitch the last of the seams in the lace with the above exception and remove all of the thread tracing.
  3. Attach lace skirt to satin at back and baste in the zipper.
  4. Baste the bodice to the skirt, check the fit and take pictures.
  5. Remove the basting and work on the bodice beading.
This evening I'll work on the beading for the skirt seam. I'm about 1/4 complete with that now.

All I have left for fitting on the bodice is the lace overlay. I want to make sure I put the gathers in the right place, that the surplice is positioned right, armscye gap is corrected and the trim will be placed correctly. I won't do the side seams on that until all of those fitting areas are checked and corrected as required. At this point, it's all aesthetic checks.

Off now to start a load of laundry and head in to the workroom!


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