Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starting to look like a dress!!!

at last...

This is pinned onto Elsa at the waist and there are some pins in the lace, but every piece is cut out and ready to assemble. At least for the lace overlay.

Every piece had to be thread traced. I used royal blue silk thread to do that because quite frankly, I couldn't see the lighter colors I had on hand and it had to be silk so I could easily remove it. Or at least SEE it to remove it.

Thread tracing, btw, is a PIA. I fully understand the value and am so, so, so glad I know that this is how it is supposed to be done but my neck and shoulders are shot from 2 full days doing this.

The bodice has been redone. I need 6 more yards of trim, but sincerely... I will sleep like a baby tonight knowing that the new trim is perfect.  No glue. Okay, there's some fusible tape. I used that to help with placement and it went pretty quickly using that method. Overall, I'm quite happy. I'll be adding some of the same beads I'll be stitching to the bodice to the trim just to maintain continuity.