Saturday, February 25, 2012

Progress Pics

I'm about as far as I can go without a body to put the dress on... I stopped short of the zipper and basting the bodice onto the skirt. I'd decided I'd really like to have her IN the dress to make sure I run the zipper as far "south" as it needs to go. As for the basting of the bodice to the skirt? I'd just have to take it out so... pictures are pin heavy and the lace seams have not been trimmed back. I don't want to do that until she has tried it on and we are happy with the fit.

I'll be working on beading the bodice for next few days (remember I ditched the first bodice when I tried to remove the first, unsuitable trim) and then back to the waist beading. And then I'll be sitting here waiting for her to come home and try it on.

The wedding is in May, which means I am WELL ahead of schedule, a first in my entire life. She's home on March 10th and we will finalize fitting, I put the permanent side seams in, line the bodice and skirt, hem and be done! I am happy with how it is all coming together.



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Carolyn's Sewing Room said...

Jodi, the dress is gorgeous! You are a much braver woman than I was when it comes to beading. We bought my DD's dress and I made the Bridesmaid dresses. I know your daughter will love it.