Saturday, February 25, 2012

Progress Pics

I'm about as far as I can go without a body to put the dress on... I stopped short of the zipper and basting the bodice onto the skirt. I'd decided I'd really like to have her IN the dress to make sure I run the zipper as far "south" as it needs to go. As for the basting of the bodice to the skirt? I'd just have to take it out so... pictures are pin heavy and the lace seams have not been trimmed back. I don't want to do that until she has tried it on and we are happy with the fit.

I'll be working on beading the bodice for next few days (remember I ditched the first bodice when I tried to remove the first, unsuitable trim) and then back to the waist beading. And then I'll be sitting here waiting for her to come home and try it on.

The wedding is in May, which means I am WELL ahead of schedule, a first in my entire life. She's home on March 10th and we will finalize fitting, I put the permanent side seams in, line the bodice and skirt, hem and be done! I am happy with how it is all coming together.



Today's Hit List:

Yikes! I am looking out the window and it is SNOWING. It won't stick but it's just annoying to look at. It's almost MARCH, Mother Nature!

I'm not too motivated today for some reason so I figure it's necessary to write up my list of must do's for the day.

  1. Stitch the last of the seams in the satin and press all but the seams that will be adjusted in the final fitting.
  2. Stitch the last of the seams in the lace with the above exception and remove all of the thread tracing.
  3. Attach lace skirt to satin at back and baste in the zipper.
  4. Baste the bodice to the skirt, check the fit and take pictures.
  5. Remove the basting and work on the bodice beading.
This evening I'll work on the beading for the skirt seam. I'm about 1/4 complete with that now.

All I have left for fitting on the bodice is the lace overlay. I want to make sure I put the gathers in the right place, that the surplice is positioned right, armscye gap is corrected and the trim will be placed correctly. I won't do the side seams on that until all of those fitting areas are checked and corrected as required. At this point, it's all aesthetic checks.

Off now to start a load of laundry and head in to the workroom!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Close enough to see the Finishing Line!

Who knew how little I'd have to show for 2 full days in the sewing room! All of the satin and the interlining is cut out. Each interlining has been dutifully hand stitched to it's owner. Front is darted. All of the seams are in except the center back and gore and one 2 of the panel seams. WHEW!!!

What this means is that I have about 4 seams left to do in the satin skirt. I'm leaving the side seams just basted for alterations sake. I think there are only 4 lace seams left to go. Isn't it funny that I'm not keeping track?!

I won't be doing anything until the weekend again. It's too hard to come home after work and then try and regroup for a few minutes of stitching. Heck, my iron is barelly heated up in 20 minutes and I am slower than my iron. That is a fact. :)

I have never been so glad to be done with a outlining and marking anything in my entire life. Seriously. It took me about an hour after geting all of the prep work done to sew the darts, side seams, gores etc. One hour. If this had been a traditional pattern out of the envelope with 5/8" seam allowances, I'd be done!

This is definately a labor of love. I am so fortunate, so blessed to be able to gift this to my daughter. She is the jewel of my heart. This union between her and the DBF is a triumph over cancer: over the blow it dealt them and of the grace and maturity with which they fought back. Every stitch to cloth is a celebration of adding him to our family.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starting to look like a dress!!!

at last...

This is pinned onto Elsa at the waist and there are some pins in the lace, but every piece is cut out and ready to assemble. At least for the lace overlay.

Every piece had to be thread traced. I used royal blue silk thread to do that because quite frankly, I couldn't see the lighter colors I had on hand and it had to be silk so I could easily remove it. Or at least SEE it to remove it.

Thread tracing, btw, is a PIA. I fully understand the value and am so, so, so glad I know that this is how it is supposed to be done but my neck and shoulders are shot from 2 full days doing this.

The bodice has been redone. I need 6 more yards of trim, but sincerely... I will sleep like a baby tonight knowing that the new trim is perfect.  No glue. Okay, there's some fusible tape. I used that to help with placement and it went pretty quickly using that method. Overall, I'm quite happy. I'll be adding some of the same beads I'll be stitching to the bodice to the trim just to maintain continuity.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Some things are not allowed...

You know how it is when you are motoring along and you have convinced yourself that the transmission really doesn't sound funny and that crack across the windshield is not obscuring your vision? I'm like that. Think about something else, pedal to the metal and DO.NOT.THINK.ABOUT.IT.

Until the transmission is straddling the centerline and you have to stick your head out the window to see ahead of you. Then think about it.

That's where I'm at now. Thinking about it now. I have been redrafting the entire wedding gown skirt because it just didn't seem right. I was pretty sure I was ignoring it quite well until Saturday when it became painfully obvious that the grainlines were way off in the lower skirt and absent adjustment, it was going to come back and haunt me, not to mention the Bride. Add to that, I have spent weeks obsessing over the glue on the lace.

I drove to Seattle last week after work (on a Friday, which is suicide) and FOUND A PERFECT MATCH! So I have a good trim now. But can I get the old trim off of the existing bodice? No. I cut into it. And now I have to make a new one.

I am thinking of this as the practice run. Now I can go into real time. And this time, how about think about it and act on it instead of hoping it goes away.  Doesn't work in life, doesn't work in sewing.