Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter makes a visit...

No sewing to post because I had a SNOW day and worked from home. Oddly enough, when my commute is down the hall in my robe, I end up working longer days. Hmmmm. Tomorrow will be another one as I can't get out of my drive. It's a steep hill, turning on to another steep hill. Temps are supposed to warm up on Thursday, but until then, it's home office time!

Beading on the dress bodice continues. I started out with what she wanted but I didn't feel it was enough so I am adding more. She will like it or she won't, but I' guessing she will.

Here's a pic of DS shoveling his way out his attempt to get out of the drive this morning. Did not go well. Goes to show, it's NOT the size of the truck, it's knowing how to use it :)

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