Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trim for the Bride

Today has been filled with little tasks, like cleaning up trimming, handbasting the gathers in the bodice and making adjustments according to her last fitting, and making final decisions about the trim that will be applied to the bodice/skirt seam.

I have an "inspiration" picture somewhere, but I can't find it. No wonder since I work off of 2 laptops and have not been disciplined about putting my work on the home server. That's where it is supposed to be and YES, I have been lectured, lectured and lectured. Maybe NOW I'll listen...

However... I stitched this up and sent a pic to The Bride:

She approved! This is being stitched on a layer of the satin topped by organza. The blue washout pen will come right out (I tested) with water. When it's all stitched up, I'll trim and fold back the fabric, creating a beaded band, which will be hand stitched to the seam after the skirt is joined to the bodice.

This will be a good project for sitting in the evenings after work. It's all set up and ready to follow me upstairs:

I have never beaded like this before and was a little bit intimidated, but it is much easier than I thought.

I still HAVE NOT CUT OUT THE SKIRT!!! But will. Next weekend :)  I have, however, taken the muslin apart and have created the pattern pieces. So that's progress. Who knows. I'm feeling a bit guilty just typing this! I have an hour before I have to go upstairs... Anything can happen in an hour, right?



Gale said...

JODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been thinking about you alot lately. why is that? have you been a bad girl? details. So I am putting your blog on my favorites, just so I can keep track of you and make stupid remarks. And things of that nature.

yoo hoo said...

...and I just saw that Gale added you to favorites and viola', here I am.

If I were to guess I'd say that we live less than 10 miles apart, if you ever find your self in the Lake Forest Park area, let me know I'll treat you to something. In the meantime I'm trying to get Gale to visit again. Carla

Jodi said...

Hi Carla!! I'm in Marysville, north of Everett. I would love to meet up. Get that sister of yours up here!