Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to Business.

I'm terrible about Christmas. I sucks the life right out of me. I bake for family and friends, weave for closer family and friends and that's about it. I HATE TO SHOP. If I didn't have a husband who loved to shop on- line, that would be it. You'd get a cake and a dishtowel unless I really like you. Then you'd get a scarf :)  Due to DH's efforts, DD, her fiance, the son, DH and I had a lovely Christmas morning, progressing to brunch with my delightful MIL and FIL. We rang in the New Year, DD and DSoon-to-be-SIL headed back to school and DS and I went back to work. The End.

Today I packed Christmas away in the designated boxes and am back to business.

I made GREAT progress on DD's wedding gown over the Christmas break. All fitting is complete, the satin bodice is complete less some catch stitching and the lining, the lace bodice overlay is complete less some trimming of the lace applique. Today's task is to complete all of the little bits on the bodice and to cut out the satin skirt and piece it.

The most important part of our fitting sessions was to test out the gore placement and fullness on the skirt as well as devise where I'd "stop" stitching to allow for any weight loss or gain. Seriously. This makes me crazy. But I know it has to be done and 1 week before the wedding, I will put the final stitches in and it will be fine.

The biggest challenge so far has been the lace. I really wanted to spring for nice lace. She didn't like anything I showed her. We don't have a big selection in the greater Seattle area, but there was a good variety to choose from. The rayon lace that she chose (while I was fondling the Chantilly lace) is lovely and far less than I had planned to spend. The drape is perfect. The border is a nightmare.

The dress style demands a lace that you can applique the border for the neck, back and armscye trim. This has a border. Did I tell you it's a nightmare already? I'll probably say it several more times.

I cut a bit off for experimentation. The minute my scissors trimmed it free, the fraying started. Fraying isn't quite the right word. Disintegration describes it much better. Several "trucker" words later, I calmed down enough to take a closer look. There's a cord bordering the motif. Cutting the border loose also cuts the cord loose. The fill on the border pattern is done with something like wooly nylon. Any pulling or tension put on the border after cutting it free resulted in a "bloom" effect. Lovely in a garden. Not so welcome on a WEDDING DRESS.

I am through menopause (TMI). I don't have hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings. Yet I experienced this cocktail of physical events for a full five minutes. Or ten.

I've tried several things to tame this nightmare of mess. First I spent a good three weeks looking for a complementary trim I could use instead of the border. Nada, much to my dismay.

I finally settled on... and I can't believe this is really the best solution emotionally... glue. AWK. But it's working. I'm using Fray Block. I transferred it to a bottle with an ultra fine application tip so I am using the bare minimum. It definately changes the hand of the lace, but it controls it and for this application, I really don't know what else to try (this was the best out of the 8 or so things I tried). 

Yes dear, mother is using as many couture techniques as she can. And glue. Lots of glue.

So that's it for now! Pictures later!

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