Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to Business pt 2

Family got in the way today BUT... I did make some great progress on the bodice.

This is the inside of the bodice. It was going to have underwires but she really didn't like that. I was going to take the channels out, but when I removed the underwire and she tried it on, it didn't bother her so I decided to leave it in. All seams have been catch-stitched down and it's just waiting for the lining.

This is the satin bodice with the lace overlay. Everything looks pretty wonky on Elsa because she is not a perky 22 year old... Fits beautifully on the bride :)

And here is the back. Again, all the wonk is the result of Elsa's 53 year old "body".

With all of this completed, I will start the beading on the bodice. She doesn't want as much as we started out thinking we'd apply, so it will go slow, but not as slow as it could!

While I had the camera out, I thought I'd take a shot of what's on the loom:

This is a deflected double weave. The warp is black and purple tencel. the weft is the same black tencel and a varigated rayon novelty yarn seen in the shuttle at the bottom of the picture. This is the same warp I made my MIL's scarf out of for Christmas but I used the purple and black tencel for the weft as well. When I washed it, it created a wonderfully drapey scarf so I am very excited to see what this will look like after it is wet finished.
That's it for now!



Angela said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and I'm pretty excited about it-a friend is getting married and I'm making New Look 6401 as well for her dress. Even the lace looks VERY similar to your DD's (not rayon though, probably polyester). She too will have some beading on the bodice. I can't wait to continue seeing the progression of the dress-my friends wedding will be early June, so I think I have some catching up to do ;) My name is Angela, by the way.

Jodi said...

Hi Angela! I've made so many changes to NL6401 that I barely recognize it LOL! The basic lines were the perfect jumping point for what she wanted. Here's a link to a fellow stitcher who morphed this pattern as well. While hers is casual wear, she always has such good ideas.

Keep me posted on your progress. I am still having fun with this, we will see how long THAT lasts :)