Friday, January 20, 2012

...and then the rain came...

Yesterday looked like this:

But per established procedures in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest, any major snow storm is followed by the rainy thaw. That is where we are at now. Two feet of snow as measured yesterday is now being compacted and melted down by a slow and steady rain and skyrocketing tempuratures.

We suffered very little compared to many people:

1) the loss of my beloved 15' lilac bush, a gift that was planted on my first Mother's Day in this house to replace the one we had to leave behind. She is now laying on her side in the pitiful rain. I will miss her deep purple double blooms and the many bouquets she shared over the past 18 years.

2) my 3' daphne. She uprooted in the wind early in the winter and the neighbor helped wrestle her into a sturdy pot. But she was too weighed down by the snow and is currently straining to keep a little upright. It does not look good. I will miss her heady fragrance early spring thru hot summer days.

3)... and this is the worst. The deer are no longer welcome in the yard. They took after our newly aquired pyramidalis hedge, nearly stripping 3 different trees in various places. The tree on the right side is severely damaged from about 1 ft up from the ground. Another is stripped behind, between the fence and the hedge.

I have always enjoyed the sanctuary our land gave them, never cared if they ate my roses or stripped the Hibiscus Syriacus right to the trunk. But these I care about. The hedge was brought in as 6ft mature trees to try and regain some of the privacy lost when the acreage next to ours was developed. So we are looking for ways to protect the trees and right now, that means chasing the deer off. This, of all things, is the thing that is hardest to bear. We'll look for a way to accomodate them, perhaps by erecting more fencing. But there is nothing that makes me feel more grateful, more at peace, than watching them bed down at night in the north lawn, or meandering through the yard to the next property, their ears erect, twitching, ever watchful. Their wild beauty and the opportunity to see it on any given day, is a gift.

Four days working from home are behind me, a two day week end is ahead. Wedding dress bodice beading is underway, if the basement stays dry, the satin skirt and train will be ready by Monday.


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