Friday, September 9, 2011

What I love today....

  1. My Delightful Daughter! She is 22 years old today and more, more, more than I could have ever hoped for in my girl child. I love you, Sarah!
  2. Connie Crawford's Pattern Making Made Easy. My drafting skills are about 30 years old when it comes to adult lines. I spent the day working on the muslin for above DD's gown and I decided to toss the bodice with the dart and turn it into a princess line. Worked like a charm. I've got A LOT of books, this is the one I go to for easy straightforward instructions.
  3. Richard The Thread. I ordered full size sheets of tracing paper Monday, on the porch today.
  4. Spiral Steel Boning. There will be enough metal in this dress to set off alarms all over the country. But her bust is going to OBEY in the wedding dress. It will have no choice :)
That's all for today! Bodice will be boned and ready to go in the mail Monday. If I get the thumbs up, the fashion fabric is UP!



Lynn said...

Hi. Stopped by from A Little Sewing blog. I'd like to follow along on your daughters wedding dress. Wish her a Happy Birthday, and from the picture, she looks quite beautiful to me.

Jodi said...

Thanks Lynn! I am really enjoying this so far. Starting early even with something as simple as this style, is definately a plus. I've already done things I haven't done for 30 years so that's also a bonus! jodi

Jodi said...

Lynn, I just noticed you are from Texas. My younger sister lives in Leander, just outside of Austin. I hope you are well out of range of the fires.