Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Wedding Dress pt 3 or "Who Me? Patient?"

It is another blazing hot day (high 80's, laugh all you want, that is BLAZING to me) here in the beautiful Pacific NW and I am spending it in the cool of the basement stitching away.

I have all the muslin pieces cut out and have basted the skirt together. One of the main alterations to the skirt, combining the center front and side pieces to make one skirt front with shaped darts, went well. The bodice is all cut out waiting to go together, but I, of course, don't have the patience to wait so here's what it looks like with the "muslin of the muslin" bodice pieces:
I have pinched out some excess in the back, but that may just be how it's fitting Elsa. My poor little dress form is not going to cut it for this project, at least not completely. This is DD's cover but there is NO WAY to raise the chest, at least not without out radically chopping away at her shoulders. I am not inclined to do that, so you will just have to believe me when I say this fits.

I'll work on the real bodice muslin next. I'll be stitching in underwires and using some plastic boning to get an idea of where it will need to go, as well as trying to determine where to draw in the lines for the bridal satin layer of the bodice and cut the pieces for the lace overlay bodice.

The plan was to mail this to her and have her approve, but I'm now thinking it would be best to wait until she's home at Thanksgiving to do this fitting. I think there might be tweaks required that she wouldn't recognize and I really only want to do this once.

As long as I have this part of the work completed and waiting for her, I don't think time is going to be an issue at all. Straightforward, easy construction techniques, only the hemming, beading and finishing the lace edges are going to require any real time.

Off to complete the rest of my tasks for the day, just very happy it's gone so well so far!


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