Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Wedding Dress pt 1

This is going to be a multipart post with the finale on May 26, 2012. Hopefully,  I will not be putting the final stitch to the gown as the child glides down the aisle.

Here's the lowdown. My DD is adorable. She is not beautiful in the classical sense although she has the most beautiful dark hair, stunning eyes and full lips. She is a freckled Pixie and she will still look like a Pixie when she is 80. She mostly appreciates this, but Pixie is NOT what she is going for as she walks down the aisle next Spring.

She poured through Bridal magazines and websites, picking out the styles of dresses she wanted to look at. All were strapless. Most had volumes of skirt. When she was home last spring, we took a trip to David's Bridal so she could narrow her style choices down. She tried on dress after dress after dress. no. No. NO.

I could tell she was getting irritated and slightly depressed. She was not the girl in the magazine and the styles she had her heart set on were not going to work. I have to give credit to the saleswoman, though. She kept them coming. And then finally, out she stepped in the one style that had not found it's way into the pages of her bridal portfolio. And it is The One. And my Pixie looked totally glam.

Besides the hair..

And the "inappropriate pose" (her future MIL took this one while DD was explaining that she loved the beading).
This is the happy face we were waiting for!

THIS, friends and neighbors, is the dress. This dress retails for only $799. The materials would probably run around $200. The construction didn't thrill me. Still it's only going to be worn once, right?

I have always wanted to make her wedding gown, but only if she wanted me to. She does. And I'm going to.

She's home for the weekend and the muslining starts today. I am Terrifically Excited!

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Thanks for following the adventure with me!


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