Saturday, August 13, 2011


I think I will crown myself "worst blogger on Earth" and move on!

Life get's complicated, doesn't it? There isn't one among us who is still on the path they thought they would be walking 5 years ago. I know mine is dramatically altered. That does not have to mean bad, though. It just means different.

Work is sucking the life right out of me with the long days and commute. This past week's wild swings in market has left me feeling 'meh'.  The retired DH is grousing about funds, thinking he made a mistake leaving the work force early as he did. I say it's done and deal with it.

So it is time to drag out my inner PollyAnna. Happiest when I'm directed, focused, healthy and creative, it's time to put my Excellent Project Management Skills to work. At home.

1) Hitting the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Dragging DH with me. There are wonderful things to see and do that don't cost a cent and this is one of them. We will stop by the arboretum and the site of DD's upcoming wedding on the way home with any luck.

2) Joining the Company run Activity Center.Yes, that means longer days, but I will come home feeling less of a hag, a bonus for all who live with me. That would be DH.

3) Weave the towels OFF the loom! This pattern has been on the loom since DECEMBER! I only have 1 1/2 towels left and it is time to rewarp and weave something NEW!

4) Stitch up the muslin for DD's wedding dress bodice. Test the seaming of the lace. Find the trim and beads.

These are my August home goals.

Then there is work. The promised "helper" is still up in the air. We have made an offer to someone with no experience in my field that I can train as a replacement for my "upcoming" retirement. I plan to either go in 3+ years as a retiree or to a new position within the company, so this needs to be done. This person rejected the offer because the salary is too low. They counter-offered. For a salary as high as mine. WHAT? I have been doing this job for 27 years, am the highest pay grade available in the skill, and one of the few left who has experienced new programs from start to finish. In fact, I was brought over to this current position to bail them out. And I got a significant raise because of my skill in mitigating the impact of the impending disaster. So while I really want and need the help, I don't think this person will be joining me and it's probably back to the hunt. Dang.

But Polly-Anna has a place at work, too. At my recent performance review, that was one of the things my manager stressed as my stong suit: the ability to see the good, put my hand out and help anyone who needed it, teaching rather than lecturing. He said a lot of very nice things, but this is the one I am most proud of.

Today we are celebrating my Father-In-Law's 81st Birthday so I will wrap up my little missive and head out the door. I expect to actually have something related to what this blog is SUPPOSED to be about next week. Because if those towels are not off the loom by the end of next Sunday, Polly-Anna is going to have a stern talk with me...