Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back on Earth...

...not that I ever left but I certainly feel like it!

No postings since February, but I have been up and around :) I did meet Karen Roth at SewExpo, but alas, the stars did not line up to meet anyone else.

Weather here has been DREARY. Still feeling very and surprisingly run down. Still working a lot of overtime. Started a quilt, put off finishing my jacket, bought more fabric. The usual...

But my big new is that DD and D soon to be SIL have set a date! March 26, 2012! They will be looking at 3 venues and we go from there.

I am frugal in most things so a wedding is a tough thing for me. I can't see handing thousands of dollars over to an industry that smacks of keeping-up-with-the-Jones'. DH and I used our savings to put a down payment on a house instead of having a "wedding". But she is my daughter. She and her guy have gone through hell to get here. I want this to be really nice without breaking the bank. To my relief, she agrees.

Venue: $600 - $1000; there are several county facilities that are rented out for weddings at very reasonable prices.
Dress: I'm making it :) More on this as decisions are made. I am sure it will be my focus for the next year!
Tuxes: None, guys all wearing their dark slacks, white shirts and matching ties
Bridesmaids: No Maid of Honor, 3 bridesmaids instead. Her best friend in life from her days here at school, her best friend from WSU and her fiance's sister, her best friend in Family :). They will all be given a color, they can pick any style they want to wear, they just have to be "street lenght".
Flowers: Wildflower palette and we will get them through a local farm that sells at the farmers market. Bouquets in mason jars tied with ribbons will be the centerpieces for the reception tables.
Food: Trays from Costco, dressed up on nice platters
Drinks: Husband-brewed beer, decent wines and champagne, coffee, tea and lemonade
Cake: Best friend from WSU worked in a bakery in high school and has made cakes as a sideline for years
Photography: Good friend at WSU has taken classes as part of his major and will be doing the honors
Music: She plans on contacting her flute instructor to see if she has a student base that would like to perform for pay pre and post ceremony, then onto recorded music through the venue sound system.

I'd like to hire high school kids to set up, bus tables, and help with the clean up. Her best friend's brother will be about the right age to round up 3 of his buddies to do this.

So we think we can get out of this for under 5K, with the venue being the biggest expense.

She has never been a "fancy" girl, she's sometimes too practical, like her muther, but I think we have struck on a reasonable balance.

Here's the happy couple last week at a Residence Life banquet at school. I think they are adorable.