Saturday, January 15, 2011

Verona Jacket Progress Report

 These are my fabric selections:

For the shell, a mossy/sage green silk herringbone suiting fabric from FabricMart.

For the lining, a floral poly 'charmuse' from JoAnns.

For contrast, latte colored featherwale cord from the stash.

A last minute addition of lightweight wool as an underlining that I'm attaching to the lining is not pictured.

Here's my progress so far:

Shell has been assembled less sleeves (which I'll work on as soon a I hit "publish post"). The undercollar and pockets are completed and attached to the outer shell.

This is delightful fabric to work with. It's crisp and soft at the same time.

This was the point, however, that I decided I wanted something heavier and pulled the wool underlining out of the closet. I finished cutting out those pieces tonight.

 Here's a detail I'd change...

The pocket band is longer on the back than the front. It really shows when you apply it. If you blow the picture up, you'll see what I mean.

I do like my top stitching though! I was taught to change colors when working with something like this so the band has brown top stitching, the pocket has the green. This is Gutterman silk thread and I LOVE it. The nice thing about the way I do it is that there are no back stitches and you don't even notice the transition.
Thought I'd insert a pic of where I'm doing all of this since I rearranged the room. You can just see the cover stitch machine in the lower right corner. The serger is to the left of that. It's all very convenient now.

Notice the little Singer sewing machine on the top of my desk shelves? That's what I learned to sew on. Not the same machine, as my mom thought it would be a good idea to give MINE away when I graduated to something bigger. I loved that little machine, so last year, I snagged one off of eBay. Husband worked it over and it sews like a top.

I had a fairly stressful day on Friday. Full moon? I don't know but I dealt with several meltdowns until I had to just leave and take a walk. Since the Son works second shift, I met him as he walked in. It was so nice to see him, it reminded me again how lucky I am to have the family I do. The Husband, Daughter, Son... they make this so much easier to bear. Had I not left for that walk, resetting my internal Stress-o-Meter, I'm pretty sure I would have jammed a pen in my neck if one more person had let go with me. It's good to have a nice place to come home to!

more tomorrow if things go well and I find time to assemble the lining.


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Terri K said...

Wishing you success on your Verona Jacket. To keep your stress level low, recommend you check out Martha's blog post ( about dealing with the curves at the lining/facing edges. Martha has sewn two of these jackets and posted reviews on both on PR.