Wednesday, November 3, 2010


... well I learned a lot.

I cringe when I start out a critique with that statement. I did learn a lot. I did an AWESOME job planning, setting up the loom and following the pattern. But I did 2 things wrong.

1.) I got cockey and stopped measuring my pics per inch about 3-1/2 mats in. As a result, I have 2 the same size, one slightly longer and one about an inch longer.

2.) I did not get a good enough machined stitched line between the mats before cutting them apart and laundering. I should have used a narrow zig zag and left more space between the two lines. As a result, one end of ONE mat came unraveled enough that hemming is going to be a challenge. This happened on Sunday. I have fallen asleep every night thinking about the right way to fix this. I have 2 ideas and an extra mat to try out one idea on each end :) When I get this figured out, I'll post pictures.

Other than these two things, they are lovely. I am so glad my mother in law loves me and will be thrilled with whatever I present to her on Christmas morning. I know I'll be able to salvage them in some fashion.

I will be working on Saturday (good thing, Fabric Mart back shipped my plum colored knit and the bills are rolling in HA) so I won't be getting a whole lot done. My lil sis arrives from Austin, TX a week from today, so not much getting done next week. My delightful daughter arrives 2 weeks after sis leaves. Happy days ahead!

I decided not to do the "What I weigh and what I'm doing". I really am not accomplishing anything with a public flogging based on an abitrary yardstick. This is about trying to get healthier. I need to remember weight is a number. It's about changing my diet to be healthier, excercising to be stronger and improving my mental state as a result of both changes. I'm still struggling with getting back on track but won't give up. Thanks to BetsyV for reminding me what the focus really should be.


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