Monday, October 4, 2010

Wire wires everywhere..

... Seems one project gets completed and another starts. For DH. Which involves moi's participation.

Today's project is readying the phone system for the switch to a cable phone provider. We have a large home, tweeked to the geek. There are things that talk to each other through the phone lines and Sisters, I have NO clue how any of it works. Zip. And frankly, I don't much care because this house is only alive because DH is. When he is called to his maker, I have to move because I don't know how anything besided the basic appliances in this house works. Oh I can cook, run the washer and dryer... I've even progressed to getting pictures from the digital camera to the computer.

And that is my limit. I can't pay bills on-line, can't operate the ride-on mower, don't dare try and touch the coffee grinder and espresso machine (from Italy, too complicated).

DH, however, seems to think I am much smarter than I am. This afternoon and evening were spent trying to figure out where in the vast system of wires did the red and green get switched with the black and yellow. Huh?

I helped awhile, holding the flashlight, confirming what he saw, but mostly surfed the web. Had ambitions of sleying the reed, but needed to be close by for consultations (read listen and hopefully understand enough to contribute). Glad to be able to spend the time with him, but that's it for today.

Maybe tomorrow :)

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