Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sleying the Reed - Front to Back

The controversey rages on. Front to back (the method I learned), back to front...
I personally like the front to back because I can do this part sitting at the gift wrapping table. Right height, good lighting and a comfortable chair.
This is the start of the project for Betty's Christmas gift, dogwood placemats. This is 10/2 perle cotton with a nice twist and sheen; the warp is about 5 yards long to yeild 6 placemats. Or 4 and some experimentation. Hope to have the loom ready to go by Sunday, but I am coming down with something and feel rotton.
And I am sad.
Yesterday, in Bellingham, WA, the body discovered in a log pond was officially identified as a young man named Dwight Clark. He was 18 and had been missing for 11 days. He'd been at Western Washington University for ONE WEEK. By all accounts, he was a good student and an all-around good guy. My daughter is friends with 2 of his friends at her university and they had nothing but good to say about him. In fact, one left school to join the search when he went missing and will most likely not be back.
He was found with his keys, ID, cell phone... No sign of violence or foul play. Initial autopsy shows that he died in the water. He left a party alone at 2am. Interviews with other people at the party indicate he didn't drink or do drugs.
My children are 20 and 21. They have no doubt used less than sound judgement on many occassions and yet they always woke up in the morning none the worse for wear. I cannot even begin to imagine the depth of the loss his family must feel, his friends, fellow students...
There may never be an answer to what happened to Dwight that early morning. I do hope that we all take a minute to remind our kids that no one is invincible and that there is safety in numbers. My son had a teacher who once described my son's group this way: None of them is as stupid as all of them together. But a pack of stupid is better than one lone kid in a college town at night. Or anywhere for that matter.
Life is very fragile. My 8 year old niece was the victim of a senseless drowning, so I am not a stranger to the twisted mess that life can be. I know that random events occur and there is no way to predict when one will hit. We can take measures to protect ourselves, of course, and we should. And we should be grateful every day that we dodge the random, grateful when we don't but can recover and grieve for those that are lost.
Hug your friends and family, People.

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