Saturday, October 2, 2010

Show Your Work!

Remember in math class when you would FAIL if you did not show "your work"? Well here is mine:

This is my sewing room closet before I cleaned it out. Now granted, it looks worse than normal because I had to throw all of the things in here that were on the FLOOR and my sewing machines are under that pile in the 2nd picture.

The fabric on the shelves, however, was untouched by the chaos so I have no excuse for it.

This was taken a few minutes into the clean up. All of Sarah's and my dolls are on the top shelf. They used to be all over the guest nook. It was kind of creepy...

Here are the after pictures:

I just get chills when I walk in here now. I tossed some, but not all that much, fabric. It's so well organized, I could send you a text in Florida and you could drive here and find the fabric based on my directions quicker than I could have found it last week.

I sew doll wardrobes for charity auctions and include a nice doll with it. I usually pick them up @ Tuesday Mornings for a good price. Let's just say after finding them all, I think I'm good to go for awhile...

I also moved the 'gift wrap center' into the guest nook in my sewing room. If we have a guest, I can drag it out and make more room. Or if they come around Christmas, they can wrap the gifts as a 'wind down' activity :)

Here's a close up of the card on the wall in the picture to the left. My delightful offspring gave it to me for my birthday last year. It's a classic in my book but I guess that's obvious since I stuck it on the wall! There is little doubt that they are my children

I hate the blogger interface when I'm importing pictures! I'm off to part 2 and will import the pictures FIRST. Let's see if that works better... After all, as Dorothy said, you can't make her think... :)

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