Saturday, October 2, 2010

Show Your Work pt 2

I need to work on my composing skills, I guess...

Just about done with my towels, have only the hemming left to do. But here is what all my fussing is about!

Shot to the left is a picture of weaving in progress. The other is the finished product. Less the hems. Which I am waffling on doing by machine. These aren't 'excellent' so I think machine will be good enough.

I did learn many things and now that they are off the loom, cut apart and washed, the biggest lesson is that I won't use sewing thread for my tabby weave. Although I was told it was okay, it doesn't shrink (DUH, did I just start sewing?). So the tabby area is wider than the towels. I can compensate by putting in a gathering thread and easing it in. They are fine for a first project and I am putting them away for my first granddaughter. They will burp rags. Seriously!

As you can tell, I tried a variety of tie ups and treadlings. I used an unusual fiber for accent in the towel on top, tried adding white bands. I had so much fun! So I need to get off of the computer now and to winding the warp for my next project.

But before I go, on the GOOD NEWS front:
  • DD's BF is DONE with radiation! He should start regaining his strength in about a week and be good as new!
  • DS has a NEW JOB! Just waiting for the background check and his report date! He'll be joining me in the fast paced aircraft industry. Not exactly joining me. He's going to be a mechanic and I'm a desk jockey ;-) It's a substantial pay boost and benefits. I am so grateful he's getting this opportunity.

I really do love life!


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