Sunday, October 31, 2010

November + Western Wa = Rain

Yes, we are entering the "other" rainy season :)

The Greater Seattle Area is really quite beautiful, and we need rain for that. Today and yesterday have been blustery/sunny/wet and today promises to be more of the same.

I spent most of yesterday downstairs cleaning up. I should have been weaving but got sidetracked by cleaning. That almost NEVER happens so when the bug hits, I just give in and do it.

So that means I can work today. My plan is to finish up the last placemat at the loom. I broke a thread on Wednesday so I need to unweave a bit to work a new one in. There will be more warp left on, so I am thinking of running another color weft through and making a smaller mat to be used for a table mat for her centerpiece. That will complete the set for MIL's Christmas gift.

If I have time, I am going to get the Verona Jacket pattern out and trace off for fitting alterations. I'm enamored of this book now:

Fit for Real People: Sew Great Clothes Using ANY Pattern (Sewing for Real People series)
I read this almost cover to cover while sitting in the Company parking lot when I took Chris to Seattle for pre-employment appointments. It really made sense to me. I am pretty sure I won't need to employ much if anything for this jacket as I have tried it on at Sew Expo and loved the fit, but I'm going to play with the process anyway.

I'll be using the silk herringbone for the main jacket shell. I wanted a coffee colored silk noil for the color and pocket accents but in Marysville (or Scarysville as the locals call it, even when it's NOT Halloween), there is NO chance of finding that and I do not have the patience to wait for mail order. So I am using a featherwale cord in the same color. I found a beautiful poly floral print @ Jo-Ann's in Everett last week and that will be the lining. I'm choosing a length somewhere between the jacket and coat view with long sleeves. The pattern looks VERY simple. We'll see.

On another note, I lost my battle with weight loss. Lost 30 lbs and 10 are back. Dissappointed and aware, I am getting back on track. I have to. I worry about my health and carrying around 10 extra lbs isn't the way to manage staying healthy. Every post from now on will end with my current weight and what I'm doing to manage a healthy lifestyle. Starting today.

Lifestyle Management Update: Weight 153. I vow to get through today with NO candy. Whole grains, fruits and vegtables, lean protiens. NO CANDY CORN.

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BetsyV said...

Jodi we never lose the battle with weight loss: we either take a deep breath and focus, or we give in. Do not give in. I lost 35 pounds several years ago and have gained back 20, then only 15, then whatever it was the other day. Weight loss is only part of the healthy lifestyle equation. Muscle, for example, weighs more than the same volume of fat. We can weigh the same amount or even more and wear a smaller size if we are working hard to stay fit.

There is a new motivational poster at my gym: Strong is the new skinny. Believe it.