Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabric Mart and Me

I bit. Made my first order at their last 20% off everything sale. So what did I get?
4 delicious yards of this silk herringbone suiting. The color didn't come across in this photo, but it is greenish blue and just lovely, lovely. She is going to become this:
The Sewing Workshop's Verona Jacket and Coat
I'll be making the jacket, probably lengthening the sleeve and body a bit. Haven't decided on the contrasting trim yet, but I like the idea of brown ultrasuede on the inside collar and pocket trim. I can dress this down enough to wear to work.

I also bought 3 yards of this poly border print:
The picture doesn't do the colors justice. It's a steel gray and the flowers are much brighter. The teal really stands out in person. It's a mid weight weave and has great body and drape. I thought of Sarah immediately. It would make a terrific semi-formal dress for her with her dark hair and incredibly hard to describe bluegreengray eyes. We'll see when she's home for Thanksgiving what she thinks. I have got to refine my fitting skills if I am going to sew for her. Neither of us is an out of the envelope size for anything.

I also got 3 yards of this tan dotted swiss:

The color is much more on the tea dyed scale than shown in the picture. I see a great summer sundress, again for Sarah. Can you tell I miss her? I do. I would love to stitch away for her, but as I said above, my fitting skills need work if I am going to do anything fitted for either of us.

What else... 2 yards of a beautiful turquoise bamboo knit for me, 3 yards of a natural linen/rayon blend to play with dyeing and surface painting, 3 yards fo black hammered silk, and a mystery bundle.

GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE!!! That mystery bundle was FABULOUS!

There were 3 yards of charcoal grey wool knit (and I think it is 100% wool from the burn test), 2+ yards of a red poly chiffon (perfect for the 18" doll party dress I'm going to make), 3 yards of some kind of poly... it's grey, darker on one face, almost silver on the other, and this:

I have no idea how to sew with this... I would call it a pleated or crinkled fabric. It's a lovely teal and gold blend and I would love to figure out how to get it into a top, possibly an empire cross. But right now it's a wrap. I did have a wildly draped concoction going on after I untied this, ala PR's Michael C :)  We'll see. I have miles of weaving to do first.


SewRuthie said...

Oh lovely fabrics!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

You did soooooo good! Gosh I love Fabric Mart and that mystery bundle was AMAZING!