Wednesday, September 15, 2010

While I have not posted every day, I have spent at least 10 minutes at the loom each day. I've completed 6 towels in 5 of the 8 patterns. I'm working on the 7th and am not too fond of the emerging pattern. I will power through it anyway!

The biggest challenge I've run into is my floating selvedge on the right side. I've managed to break it twice so it is a patchwork at best. Am I tightening the warp too much, is there too much weight hanging off of it? I'm not sure. Sometimes I think I am going way overboard when I wench it down after advancing the warp, but I don't want sloppy, either. The selvedge looks good where I've not had a break in most of the patterns. A couple are somewhat wavy, but I'm told that is a function of the structure more than my weaving style.

Seattle Weavers Guild has an "unusual" Saturday meeting so I am going to attend. They are generally on Thursdays and this is something new they are trying. We'll stop on the way back at The Weaving Works and I have my shopping list ready. I want to make some of the "holly look" twill towels in the "best of handwoven towels on 8 shafts".

But first will be the dogwood placemats for Betty. They seem fairly straight forward and I have all of the supplies. I thought I'd make 4 for Christmas and see how she likes it. I'm also thinking about something for Jim's chair. Betty always keeps something on the back to protect it from his V05 (how funny that that is still in use in 2010). Since we are trying to keep it a handmade Christmas on our part, he will be a challenge.

That's it for today. I'm excruciatingly tired and a big fat cheat on any lie of a food plan I'm pretending to be on. More on that later. Must regain control. Must.

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