Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday is the new Monday... this week :)

The best part about a 3 day weekend is that it's 3 days! And the ensueing work week is only 4. The worst part is that the ensueing work week is only 4, the workload is 5.

I got to play babysitter and ref all day Tuesday at work. When I got home, I made dinner and talked to the boy about his upcoming interview. PLEEAAAAASSSSEEEE let this be the job that gets him on the road to adulthood.

After dinner, I helped Maryann with her warp. She was warping back to front, so this is the 2nd step in her long process. It was fun!

Wednesday ended well, with Maryann visiting MY loom and critiquing my progress. She gave me the thumbs up :) with a couple of pointers to neaten up my selvedge. Then we looked at the mill end samples that came in the mail on Tuesday. We are in trouble. About $100 worth ~ there is just so much out there that looks fun to try!

I am more tired than usual this past week. I don't know if I am edging towards an "episode" or if I am "just tired".

The Final Say: I love my loom and how it's deepened my friendship with Maryann. It is all good.

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