Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001...

I remember this day vividly, as I am sure many millions of people do. I wish rest to the souls lost on that horrible day, peace to those left behind and wisdom to the idiots that failed to learn the lesson of what happens when religion morphs into fanaticism. I am sorry for those in our nation who have no guilt at making American Muslims feel unwelcome in their own country. And I am full of pride and admiration for our President for standing beside them, risking the alienation of some by doing so. You go, President Obama!!!

And now on to something far less important:

Today was another day at work with only a few minutes to weave when I got home. The goal is to get the towels off the loom by the end of September and begin to work on Dear MIL's Christmas placemats. I've completed 1-1/2 of the 6 so if I spend some quality time tomorrow, I will be on track. I'm trying new things (well, it's all new to me since I am a new to the entire weaving thing). For a splash of color, I inserted some sample eyelash yarns near the bottom of towel 2. The effect is really quite nice. Pictures tomorrow.

The Final Say: Rest well, America, and remember your roots.

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