Monday, September 20, 2010

Progress report ~ Color as Gamp

Hello~What was my goal? All towels woven by the end of the month? HELLO!

All towels are complete on the loom and now I'm just weaving a small sample of each in high contrast to file behind the instructions. I was very surprised at how quickly some wove up. And surprised how the one PIA pattern, Reflections, ended up being a favorite. With such a simple set up, the variety of patterns available by just taking a couple of minutes to change the tie up, I'm with the article's author, Sharon Alderman. It's hard to STOP :) But I am running out of warp.

Pics by the end of the week, must log off now to finish the last two samples and decide what to do with the remaining warp. I thought about just repeating my favorite, but I ran out of the weft so anything I do at this point is going to be an experiment in color.

I did not attend the Seattle Weavers Guild meeting on Saturday. I am still battling fatigue and had a couple of things that needed to be done: Stitch up a pillow for Ann from her woven piece for the SWG sale in October and spend some time with the delightful DH. He was brewing Saturday. I used to sit with him in the kitchen while he worked and we would have some of our best talks. The last few years, I've worked most Saturdays and that connection... well, it's no longer a connection. So I decided that it was more important to be a brewing couple and I am glad I did. I miss him. Doing something new doesn't need to be done at the expense of something old. How lucky can a woman be to still be with the man she loves, the man she grew up loving, has always loved, still loves? Ask me. I can tell you. She is extraordinarily lucky. And she is me.

I <3 weaving, but I love DH more!


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