Monday, September 27, 2010

New Furnace + Fixing the Damage = Cleaning Frenzy

And that translates to open wounds, saying good-bye... again, and moving on.

Isn't that melodramatic?! My parents died in 2001, 4 months apart. It was a long hard 2 years preceding their passing and my relationship with my older sister was irreparably broken. After the estate closed, I severed ties. No need to rehash that here.

I still have things of my mom's that I don't know what to do with. Mom kept scrapbooks of every card she ever got. EVERY CARD from what I can tell. There are close to 6 very huge books. I don't want them. Then there are the photo albums. No logical order, no labels, people I don't know, some I do. I don't really want these, either. I can offer them to my little sis in TX and burden her with not wanting them as well. That's probably the answer.

I still have some of the legal papers and things that made me think about the issues that led to the break up of my "family". I had been urged to save all of these papers in case I ever have to defend myself. It's been 9 years and it is still a gaping wound every time I have to revisit that time.

All of this "stuff" is in boxes in my sewing room. I look at it every couple of years and toss a bit every time.

What brought that up? Well, getting a new furnace really disrupted our household. Our furnace room is HUGE and well stocked with boxes of things I'm saving for grandkids, old dishes, glassware and pots and pans to help our two set up their first households, books (boxes of them!), Christmas decorations (including the fake tree), camping gear, Costco sized toilet paper/paper towel/tissues, a gift wrap "center"... All of that was moved out to facilitate the installation of the new furnace.

In a fit of stupidity, I swore I was not going to move a bunch of "crap" back in there. So I am sorting and tossing and donating. It is slow going, but I have finished my part. Scott is looking at new shelving for the area where the gift wrap station was. I moved that into my sewing room to give him the space for his wood supply (he's a wood turner and wood, like fabric, must cure).

Furnace room checks out okay now, but because the race in the ceiling ran smack dab through my sewing room, everything in there was moved to the east wall. They cut 7 access holes in the race so Saturday and Sunday was also spent crafting a creative cover for that mess. Scott put up boards along the face and trimmed out with moulding so we can get back in there if we have to. He painted it to match the previous minty green (not my fav but I am not into painting that entire room right now). It looks very nice.

Yesterday afternoon he told me I could start moving my things back to their home. The furnace room cleanse made me look at everything with a critical eye. I had thrown everything... Oh let's be honest, the room had a bunch of fabric in piles everywhere and I tossed it all, along with the machines, in the closet, pushed hard and slammed the door.

Everything came OUT of the closet and it is NOT going back in without a purpose. In short, I have a real mess on my hands. But it will be good in the long run. and hopefully, will help bring my projects into focus. I sure HOPE SO!

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