Sunday, September 26, 2010

Assume the Position

Work is progressing in my sewing area. Scott devised a clever way to hide all the holes put in the ceiling utilities race. Unfortunately, he needs me on "standby" to hold things in place, move drop cloths, aim the light... I have not gotten a THING done this weekend, but I am glad that this is almost over and I can reclaim my space. And he's so DAMN clever!

Sarah returns to school today. She spent yesterday afternoon and evening with DBF and his family. He has 3 days of radiation left. It has taken it's toll. I was shocked at how weary he looked yesterday considering I had seen him only 10 days earlier. He said they have told him it will be at least a week after the last treatment before he starts feeling better.

Must get back to the work! Can't wait until I can move back into my room!

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