Sunday, March 1, 2009

You know it's bad...

... when you don't remember the name of your blog!!!!

I've only made 2 things since September? Now that's just not right. Another Simplicity XXXX and a 4076. I like both and will probably keep using both with some modifications to keep them fresh.

The "jacket" was a decorator fabric bought years ago, who knows what for, but it was a good choice to make this again with the FBA done right.

The 4076 went together like a dream. Jersey can be hard to control, especially when hemming since I don't have my coverstitch machine YET. I used washaway tape and that seemed to do the trick.

What's up now? Sewing Workshops The SanDiego Jacket in a cut of black wool circa 2002. This will be a test garment after trying one at Sew Expo. If I like it, I plan on doing some different things with the next one. It's always too hot or too cold in the office and I think in the right fabrics, this jacket will be a great addition.

Today was pattern tracing and cutting. Much easier now that I am tacking the tissue and tracing paper to the cutting table with blue painters tape. This jacket only has 4 pieces, so it's a quick cut.

Working on black wool was difficult at the point where the collar and forward shoulder seam are squared. I used a bright pink thread to mark, but I still had to go in 2 - 3 times to get it right.

I finished the front to back and collar steps. I won't finish it off until next weekened as I need BUTTONs.