Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One down,all the rest to go...

The blouse is completed, all flaws previously disclosed notwithstanding. I am not totally unhappy with it and am ready to go on to the "good" version. I've purchased a really pretty silk brocade, white with blue, almost violet stripes, accented with navy. I think it's an upholstery fabric and it will need to be laundered several times before I cut into it. High hopes!

On a more personal note, I felt totally satisfied while sewing "the blouse". It was like I had come home. The process, more than the product, satisfied me. This happenes when I get time off from the job. That is long over. I am back and time for anything other is limited, as evidenced by the lack of posting and stitching progress.

This makes me very sad. Working 12 hours a day is not healthy, but I did, I fully remember doing so, tell the crew that there would be no summer of 2008. It is coming to pass and like it or not, that is that. So what to do? Plan those discreet moments where the soul can be refreshed with something other than numbers and endless streams of data.

What I didn't say in my profile is that I am what I refer to in my more crass moments as a "Data WXXXE" . I love numbers. Data. Facts and formulas. All things connected with project management, forecasting, actuals, estimates... I'm getting all chilly here! Stitching makes everything move to the background. It brings reason to facts that won't add up. And in the industry that I have grown up in that is struggling mightily right now, it is a necessary calm that I have to make time for. I'm unsure as how to get there from here.

This is the assignment for this week. Wish me only luck.

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