Monday, June 30, 2008

Uniquely ME!

The dress form fitting is complete! I'm very pleased with it, especially since I had to do it by myself! I'm still surprised it was as simple as it was. I was so relieved, in fact, that I had a nutty buddy when I was finished! (Apparently, I didn't spend enough time looking in the mirror while fitting the shell...)

I am now searching high and low for my Fitting Finesse book. I'm pretty sure I own this and didn't just borrow it from the library. It's been so long since I stitched for myself, that may very well be the case. What's the easiest way to disprove this theory? Buy the book. It will surface on it's own about the time the postmaster hands me the package!

I'm a little reluctuant to start cutting something out without this book by my side. Better log off and find it as the goal is at least one completed garment by the end of this vacation week.


YEAH! The book was hiding behind my manuals! It is so old, it predates the "Finesse" title. This is my 1990 copy, called "The Busy Woman's Fitting Book". I feel like I am in a time warp!

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